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Health and Physical Assessments for Special Education

Once you are familiar with, The Role of the LSN in the Special Education Process, the SNOM Special Education Committee recommends that you use the following tool, Licensed School Nurse Assessment of Health/Physical Status as a guide when conducting special education nursing evaluations/assessments for initial IEPs, or 3 year reassessments. This tool includes the essential components for an LSN evaluation/assessment which is a standard in the (NASN) Scope and Standards of School Nursing Practice (NASN, 2011).

Another guide that may be useful is the ECSE 0-5 Health Information and History document when assessing infants and children to age 5.

Parents, or guardians must receive prior written notice that includes a description of each evaluation, or assessment that will be completed (34CFR300.503) . Parental consent is required for an initial evaluation and for the initial provision of special education and related services.(34CFR300.300) (MinnRule 3525.2710).


Washington State Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Program, Adolescent Health Transition Project
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