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District Responsibilities

How Do School Districts Claim Reimbursement for School Nursing Services?

  1. Find out who does the EDRS reporting to the Minnesota Department of Education in your school district
  2. Review the Time Study Sampling Instructions.
  3. Complete the time study four to five times per year following the time study directions
    • The time study allows the school nurse to record the time spent on various activities so as to determine the portions that are reimbursable as special education or related services as defined by MR 3525.1310.
  4. District reports time in EDRS that is documented from the time studies
    • The FTEs from all the time samplings completed in a school year are then averaged to get an FTE for the special education reimbursable time for the employee. The average of the samplings is the time worked in special education and may be reported on EDRS for reimbursement.