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  • Minnesota School Nurse Workforce: A 2022 Snapshot Technical Report of Data

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    The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the health and wellbeing of students, families, school nurses and educators.  The inequities in health and education for students that existed prior to the pandemic are now overwhelming school health resources, specifically the school nursing workforce. To better understand and inform what is needed to respond to these increasing needs, our collaboration * collected and analyzed school nursing workforce data and student data from the Minnesota Student Survey.

    The resources, analyses, and tools emerging from this collaboration were designed to help school nurses, school leaders, parents, and policy leaders make the case for a comprehensive approach that prioritizes increased investments in the school health workforce that will better support student health and education outcomes.

    Minnesota School Nurse Workforce: A 2022 Snapshot Technical Report of Data (PDF) is a technical report of data specifically focused on the school nurse workforce data, key findings, and recommendations from this collaborative work.

    *The collaboration included the Minnesota Department of Health Adolescent and School Health Unit, University of Minnesota’s Healthy Youth Development * Prevention Research Center, the School Nursing Organization of Minnesota, Minnesota Service Cooperatives, BrightWorks Educational Cooperative, and the Minnesota Department of Education.