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Congratulations Ann Lumbar Bendson - SNOM 2018 School Nurse of the Year!

Congratulations Ann Lumbar Bendson - SNOM 2018 School Nurse of the Year!

SNOM 2018 School Nurse of the Year
Ann D. Lumbar Bendson BAN, MSN, RN, LSN, PHN

The School Nurse Organization of Minnesota is pleased to announce the 2018 School Nurse of the Year. This honor recognizes one Licensed School Nurse annually who emulates the profession of School Nurse. Nominated by her peers, Ann is most worthy of this honor, evident by her outstanding School Nursing practice.


Most recently, Ann just began her 20th year as an employee of the Minneapolis Public Schools as a Licensed School Nurse. Currently she provides direct care to approximately 1500 students at an elementary school and one high school, also being in charge of health programing for the home school program. Her nominator describes Ann as a quiet hero who consistently demonstrates leadership and impacts the well-being of all children.

Within the district, Ann has lead the way as a member of the task force to develop the MPS Professional Practice Model and mission statement. Her effective articulation, skill with wordsmithing and advocacy aided in securing a Nursing Director position (a newly created position) within MPS. In 2005, she was honored to be a Johnson and Johnson School Nurse Fellow.

Her leadership has led to the formation of partnerships within the community. Within the community, Ann is a co-leader for the Grief Recovery program in the Twin Cities and is active within the Speakers Bureau. Students and families are able to receive influenza vaccination during the school festival due to a grant secured from the Kohl’s Care Program. Ann has been instrumental in partnering with the Phillips Eye Institute in providing vision screening and glasses.

Ann not only shares her skill for School Nursing as she mentors new nurses within the District but her passion for the profession is shared within SNOM, the School Nurse Organization of Minnesota. Since 1998, Ann has been a committee member and previously the chair of the annual conference planning committee. During the conference, she is the familiar voice between speakers, providing logistical information, making sure everything runs smoothly and presenting the press releases for the past School Nurse of the Year recipients.

In 2000, Ann received her Master of Science Degree in Nursing at the University of Minnesota. Her thesis was selected for a poster presentation at the National School Nurse conference in Milwaukee. Additional contributions on a National level include being an instructor for the Managing School Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness programs from 2001-2010.

As a leader in School Nursing and wellness, Ann is committed to personal wellness and life balance. She is an active member of the Minnetonka Mom’s Club-West and a current member of a women’s hockey team, appropriately named Ms. Conduct. She lives in Minnetonka with her husband, Tom and two boys, Peter and Jack.

As stated by one Principal, “Ann always is able to give her best and goes above and beyond what is expected”. She is a trusted leader for Licensed School Nurses in all areas of practice and within the School Nursing Professional organizations. Congratulations to Ann Lumbar Bendson for her excellence in School Nursing and service to the community she serves and her profession.