MJM Aug 2014From the SNOM President

  • Gratefulness is in the air…Yes it is the season to look around and be thankful for what we have and in turn give a helping hand to those in need. Topping my thanksgiving list is SNOM. I along with close to 200 of our members gathered for our annual fall conference a few days ago. Our time together was informative, reflective and energizing. One member commented to me, “I wish we could do this every three months.” Thank you to the dedicated conference committee for a job well done!


    The SNOM Board met on October 27th. Here are some highlights:

    1.   Step Up and Be Counted: National School Nurse Data Base- three data collections throughout the year. A designee will complete the survey, which will be done online.

    2.  SNOM/NASN Communications: NASN School Nurse Net would allow us to have our own SNOM online community replacing the current Google Groups list serve. Registrants will be automatically connected. We will test this in November.

    3.  Tammy John is the new Legislative Committee Chair. We thank Liz Zeno for her effort and tireless work as committee lead for the past 15 years! School Counselor lobbyist proposes that school nurses, school counselors, school psychologists and social workers do more interdisciplinary teaming on a comprehensive funding plan for student services, not entirely depending on education funding dollars and/or grant dependency. “Healthy students become a healthy workforce” engaging business to support a whole child approach. The lobbyists will meet soon to continue their work.

    4.  The new SNOM Membership Guide was mailed to all of our members in late September.

    5.  The Strategic Plan expires this year and a steering committee will do some preliminary work before bringing a draft to the large group in January 2015.

    6.  The Minnesota Department of Public Health continues to provide information and resources about the Ebola outbreak. There are no cases in Minnesota. MDH, DPS, and others have plans in place.

    Our next meeting will take place on January 12, 2015. All members are welcome to attend. Details are on the SNOM website.


    Enjoy the season of giving thanks and gift giving. Our professional organization is a gift to me, our fellow members and our students and school staff. When needed, reach out to a fellow SNOM member for support, you will be thankful!

  • Step Up and Be Counted

    Step UpSchool nurses collect rich and important data.  NASN and NASSNCare working together with the support of SNOM and the State of Minnesota, to develop a national uniform, standardized data set for all school nurses to collect specific data points the same way. For this initial year, school year 2014-2015, school nurses are encouraged to collect specific data on the number of nurses in schools, the number of children with diagnosed chronic health conditions, and the disposition of children seen in the school nurse office.

    We need your help. Each school district in the sate of Minnesota should appoint one nurse to collect, tally and submit data.

    The data will be collected electronically. School districts will be receiving specific directions via email on how to submit their data. Your participation is greatly appreciated!